Equal Rights Queer Pride Hey, I'm waiting for you.
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    He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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    this is important

    "No" is a complete sentence. You don’t have to justify why. "No" is enough.

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  7. "It’s unpacking some of what it means to be a ‘real girl’ and a ‘real boy.’ We get handed down these ideas of gender and sexuality: You’re supposed to be this or that. What happens if you float around the cracks and don’t fit into these narrowly prescribed things? … I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity. … I don’t really identify as anything. I think you can fall in love with anybody. I don’t have anything to hide, but I’d rather the emphasis be on music."
    — Annie Clark (St. Vincent) to Rolling Stone on Prince Johnny, gender, and sexuality. (via fuckyeahstvincent)

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    Pawel Nolbert (Poland) - Atypical

    Pawel Nolbert is a Warsaw based multidisciplinary artist & designer crossing the boundaries of the various talents: from illustration, typography, digital design, 3D design to photography. During the past decade, he gained experience creating visual work for brands like Google, Verizon, Adobe, Nike, Sony, Nvidia, Polaroid, Grammy’s, Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Red Bull, Jagermeister, Disney and many more big and small clients, agencies or studios.

    © All images courtesy the artist

    [more Pawel Nolbert | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]

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    Haley said I should post the full thing so I am. From Twitter/Instagram/theoretically tomorrow’s Rolling Stone? Idk I’m so confused/overwhelmed.

    The last sentence

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    The cast of Orange is the New Black spent today volunteering with Piper Kerman at a facility for children with parents in prison.

    I’m so impressed. This is so beautiful.

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  14. fuck me

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    Loving the illustrative work of Minneapolis based artist Bill Rebholz

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